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Loving Joe Gallucci, by Kate Genovese

Title: Loving Joe Gallucci
Author: Kate Genovese
Pages: 177


Loving Joe Gallucci is the second book from Kate Genovese, released in 2003 and now the basis for a film script. 

Gallucci is the inspiring true story that resonates across generations with the struggles of marriage, children and the complexities of life, especially when drug addiction enters the equation. 

This critically acclaimed story helped bring Genovese's work to a larger audience with intense touring on radio, television and to regional libraries across Massachusetts.

Author Sheila Deeth writes "Kate Genovese’s novel Loving Joe Gallucci is a non-fiction account of life and love in America from 1970 to 2001. Meg Flaherty, daughter of an eminent Massachusetts senator, falls in love with third-generation Italian-American Jimmy Romano—a love that crosses boundaries of class and culture."

An Amazon customer from 2003 wrote "A love story that I could not put down! full of hope, inspiration and informative regarding the hepatitis c virus that affects more then 4 million Americans" while noted doctor Melissa Palmer wrote "More than anything, Loving Joe Gallucci is a story of redemption, of the resurrection of the Romano family through the triumph over adversity, and through faith, hope, and unconditional love. In its final analysis, this book is a call to arms against a liver disease so subtle and yet so damaging that is could perhaps be called the AIDS epidemic of the twenty-first century. "As a liver specialist who treats hundreds of people with Hepatitis C every year, I would like to express my gratitude, on my patients behalf, to Kate Genovese for authoring a book which portray the human drama that flows from the diagnosis of Hepatitis C"



  • Perfect Paperback: 143 pages 
  • Language: English 
  • Product Dimensions: 8.4 x 5.5 x 0.7 inches

Kate Genovese's first published book, Thirty Years in September: A Nurse's Memoir -  a chronicle of thirty years of Kate's nursing career, is a sad, funny and political romp that focuses on her patients, personal stories, anecdotes and demise of our health care system. Drawing from her vast life experience, Genovese talks frankly about her own past drug addiction, loss of nurse's license and recovery.  Keep in mind this was published in 2000, nine years before actress Edie Falco's celebrated Showtime TV series, Nurse Jackie.

Boston Globe critic Linda Weltner wrote " Conscientious, idealistic and too hard working for her own good, Kate Genovese takes us through the training, the joys and sorrows, and the eventual disillusionment of a dedicated caretaker, entertaining us with her delightful tales as well as saddening us with her thoughtful conclusions. 

Amazon readers in 2001 and 2002 wrote "I found this memoir extremely enlightening and honest. As a nurse myself, for more then 30 years I could relate to everything Kate talked about. Nursing has changed dramatically and we do have to find a way to keep nursing an "art" and keep the profession alive. Great read, you'll laugh and cry!"   Another Amazon reader notes "An honest look at a nurses to day and overcoming adversity.educational as far as explaining healthcare, ie..hmo's, medicare, etc and giving examples.  Good book, not just for nurses."


  • Print Length: 336 pages
  • Language: English 

The third book from Kate Genovese, a fictional story about the O'Brien family focusing on Molly O'Brien and her brother Sean, covering thirty years of Molly's tumultuous life; the damage of her Catholic upbringing, teenage pregnancy, sexual abuse and eventual drug addiction portraying a strong woman who overcomes the obstacles and returns back to the roots of her family's religion.

Sean O'Brien is affected by his strict upbringing in a different way dealing with his own demons: the family's overbearing political father and fanatically Catholic mother who enables Sean's abusive nature. 

In the end, Sean rises above his defects and comes to terms with his sister, Molly, helping her in her own recovery.

Beverly Bass wrote in October of 2008: "After reading her book "Two Weeks Since My Last Confession", I had the pleasure of meeting Kate Genovese in person at my book club gathering in Brookline, MA. Meeting the author gave this compelling story even more depth and certainly insight into the characters and subject matter. I found the novel to be realistic, engaging and both heartening and heartbreakingly sad; all in all, a great read.

The Midwest Book Review notes: "

The best upbringing in the world doesn’t foolproof one from a terrible life. “Two Weeks Since my Last Confession“ follows Molly O’Brien, daughter of a senator and raised by a devout catholic. To the public, she had the perfect upbringing. But at thirty, she has a crippling heroin addiction and her life is on the rocks. What went wrong? Her family holds deep secrets, and only they can come to terms with them to set Molly on the right path in life again. “Two Weeks Since my Last Confession“ is a moving novel of dealing with one’s past.

Recommended read.

Paperback, 336 pages
Published by Libros International
1905988133 (ISBN13: 9781905988136)
original title
Two Weeks Since my Last Confession'