Saturday, December 28, 2013

Arlington Patch - Kate Genovese

Author Kate Genovese has three books in circulation, another that she has decided to keep unpublished for privacy reasons, and a fifth, April Showers, currently being edited for release in 2014.

     As hostess of Table Talk, an interview program produced at Woburn Public Media Center, Genovese gets to "turn the tables" and ask the questions after years of responding to radio and TV hosts regarding her writings - Thirty Years in September: A Nurse's Memoir, Loving Joe Gallucci and Two Weeks Since My Last Confession.

   Loving Joe Gallucci is now in script form as well as in softcover and available on download, as are the other two books.

   A long-time nurse, Genovese gives her commentary on pertinent health care headlines on her blog    It can be located on      She keeps in touch with her friends and readers on Facebook as well as her Twitter - 

     Watch those sites for her lectures, upcoming tv shows, book signings and other activities.

     Check out Kate's banner on

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