Thursday, January 17, 2019

Press Release Hat Tricks from Heaven

Woburn Author Publishes Poignant Book
Aimed at Helping Families Dealing with Drug Addiction
A Mother’s Story of Joy, Devastation, Loss and Inspiration

WOBURN, MA — Most acknowledge the growing drug epidemic in the United States but never expect it to affect their lives, author Kate Genovese was one of these people until the day she realized her son was an addict. This was one of the worst days of her life, but not nearly as bad as the day he died from a drug overdose. Kate, never one to sit idly by, decided to work through her grief by writing a book to help others dealing with drug addiction.

The resulting book, Hat Tricks from Heaven, is a poignant look at the promising life of Christopher
John “Geno” Genovese. She shows how drug addiction invaded his life and affected their family and
everyone who knew Geno. Genovese pulls no punches as she describes what her family went through in their devastating battle against heroin’s hold on their son.

    “I believe the reason for this book is to open parents’ eyes so they can recognize the signs and
symptoms of drug abuse,” Genovese says. “If you’re concerned, take immediate action and be persistent.

Remember, addiction doesn’t stick to a certain zip code; it afflicts the wealthy just as often as the poor. Be aware and educated, and don’t hide in denial.”

Kate Genovese has been a registered nurse for over 30 years, is involved in alternative medicine, runs her own Reiki practice and is a member of the Holistic Nurses Association and Mass Organization of Addiction Recovery (MOAR).

Hat Tricks From Heaven
The Story of an Athlete in His Own Prison of Addiction

A golden boy grows up in a loving family, surrounded by friends, and effortlessly sails through high school and college, then goes on to a promotions career. What no one suspected was the six surgeries he’d had for sports-related injuries had left him with a huge problem — an escalating opioid addiction.
This is the incredible story of a mother’s roller coaster ride from the non-stop joy of motherhood to the realization that her son is in the clutches of drug addiction.

Hat Tricks from Heaven is available as a paperback and ebook from most online retailers, including, Barnes & Noble and iBooks.
ISBN: 978-1-60414-980-7
Paperback: $14 eBook: $3.99

Kate Genovese is available for interviews and speaking engagements. She can be reached by email at or by phone at 718.883.4711.

Hat Tricks From Heaven is a story about life, transition, death, and rebirth. Kate Genovese takes the reader on a journey to a place the soul calls home. 

This book should be on the shelves of anyone experiencing grief, loss, and transition.

— Sam Oliver, author of What the Dying Teach Us: 
Lessons on Living

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