Friday, January 24, 2014

Arlington Patch ! Kate Genovese

 AFTER APRIL is the new title of the book!

  Author Kate Genovese has three books in circulation, another that she has decided to keep unpublished for privacy reasons, and a fifth, AFTER APRIL, currently being edited for release in 2014.

     As hostess of Table Talk, an interview program produced at Woburn Public Media Center, Genovese gets to "turn the tables" and ask the questions after years of responding to radio and TV hosts regarding her writings - Thirty Years in September: A Nurse's Memoir, Loving Joe Gallucci and Two Weeks Since My Last Confession.

   Loving Joe Gallucci is now in script form as well as in softcover and available on download, as are the other two books.

   A long-time nurse, Genovese gives her commentary on pertinent health care headlines on her blog    It can be located on      She keeps in touch with her friends and readers on Facebook as well as her Twitter - 

     Watch those sites for her lectures, upcoming tv shows, book signings and other activities.

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  1. After April will not be published by Kate Genovese. I decided another issue is much more important.
    My thirty year old son died of an accidental overdose on May 28, 2016. He has been having trouble with drugs since he started getting injured playing hockey in 2013.
    Six surgeries later he couldn't kick the drugs. Percocet at first then heroin and fentynl- fentynl being the worst.
    The dealers of these drugs should be incarcerated for the rest of their lives.They have no conscience- evil, demonic human beings.
    My son Chris was a wonderful kid- better known as GENO. He loved life, people and all of his family. I am in the process of writing a book for him- his story- my story- our whole families story.
    Aren't you readers sick of hearing about people dying from overdoses? Don't you feel like doing something about it? More then the government is doing?
    I feel they are attacking the doctors, controling the substances they are giving the patients who have surgery, who actually do need medication.
    I beleive we need to focus on the dealers. Beef up the police investigators and arrest these dealers.
    Put their pictures on the front of facebook stating who they are and who they are killing.
    Arrest them for murder because that is what they are doing, murdering people!!
    I need to get back to work but my heart is in getting my book out HAT TRICKS FROM HEAVEN is the name- hopefully by the summer.
    Please readers, make a stand against this horrible epidemic!!