Thursday, January 30, 2014

Article on Turning 50 Barbara Hannah Grufferman

 Huffington Post article by Barbara Hannah Grufferman

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5 Life-Changing Events That Can Shake Us To Our Core

Organization expert and best-selling author Julie Morgenstern told (Barbara Hannah Grufferman) when she interviewed Morgenstern recently that turning 50 is often so traumatic it can make many people stay stuck where they are, unable to move on.

Julie's advice was to acknowledge the "5 biggies" 

1) Your "I'm really 50?" moment

2)Your children may be leaving home

3)Your work life may be changing

4)Your marriage is ending, or you're starting a new one:
5)Your spouse or another family member becomes ill or disabled, or passes on: Illness and death are natural occurrences in life, especially as we get older, but we are never fully prepared. If a spouse dies, your life is irrevocably changed on many levels, and this kind of change can stop you from creating your new life. Caring for an ill spouse or parent can hinder your ability to open up the next chapter in your life.


For those of us in the AARP age bracket, it is best to have contingency plans in place to help us prepare for "rainy day" moments.  Articles like Grufferman's are essential, yet they sometimes resonate more with those who are going through the "5 biggies" rather than the people who need to plan ahead for the "what ifs"

The Kate Genovese series of books bring up these issues and more through fictional characters.  Never preachy, the compelling stories keep the reader tuned in, while dealing with the unexpected from the perspective of a trained professional.



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